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July 2006                                                                                                                                                        Issue 1

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·    PeopleSoft 8.9 is Coming!

·    What’s New for Time & Labor

·    PeopleSoft Time & Labor Support

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PeopleSoft 8.9 is Coming!

The PeopleSoft Time & Labor 8.9 version upgrade is coming for all employees on July 31, 2006 . This system provides us with a flexible, integrated solution designed specifically to support our time reporting needs.


Enhancements include new, easy-to-use navigation pages and web-enabled time entry that you’ll be able to access from any work or home computer connected to the Internet.

What’s New for Time & Labor

This new application is fully integrated with Oxy’s Human Resources system. Job changes and pay rate changes are reflected immediately.

Time entry for salaried, non-exempt employees whose time is entered directly into the Time and Labor system has improved with new features that will make the entry process easier. 

Note: Time entry for hourly and salaried exempt employees has not changed although the timesheet page do have new features.

Ř       If you are currently on ‘Self Entry’, you will remain as such. 

Ř       If you currently submit your time to an Administrator to be entered, you will continue to do so.


How will it affect you?

All Employees

The new system no longer pre-populates the hours with 0.0000 − all you need to do is enter your time on the days worked.


You will now be able to change the date of the timesheet directly on this screen and no longer need to return to the Search page.


You may enter your time on a daily or weekly basis. We suggest you enter your time daily since managers are now able to review and approve time daily.

Leave Balances may be viewed directly from your timesheet by clicking the View Balances link.  A sample of the new timesheet appears below.

Salaried Non-Exempt Employees

When entering overtime, you will no longer need to identify the overtime code…simply enter the total hours worked for the day, and the system will automatically do the rest for you.

Just click one button to submit your timesheet for approval. Managers will easily be able to see which timesheets are ready for review and will be able to approve time the day after it is entered.


Managers can easily view, approve, and submit time for one person or create a list of all direct reports and work sequentially through the list.

Managers and Timekeepers will have access to a Group feature to create a list of direct reports.  In addition, they will be able to use the Next Employee or Previous Employee selection to display each employee without returning to the Search page.


PeopleSoft Time & Labor Support

Timekeeping Web-based Training

You can click on the link below if you are interested in taking the course now.  The course is available to walk you step-by-step through the process of completing a timesheet online. You may take the WBT at your convenience from any work or home computer connected to the Internet. Click here to launch the WBT. 

This Web-Based Training will be available through ‘Employee Self Service’ and ‘Manager Self Service’ starting July 31, 2006 .

Depending on your schedule, you may complete one lesson at a time and return to the WBT where you left off, or you may complete the entire course at one time. 

Time & Labor Online Help

A Time & Labor online help (OLH) feature will be available on the OxyLink menu shown to the left that provides step-by-step instructions for time entry and time management tasks.  The Online Help will be available through ‘Employee Self Service’ and ‘Manager Self Service’ starting July 31, 2006 .



If You Need Assistance

For questions about the new T&L application, the Web-based Training or Online Help, contact Time&